Eric Worre Interviews Gina & Steve Merritt

Eric Worre Interviews Gina and Steve Merritt

Hear how Gina and Steve Merritt transitioned from a flight attendant and professional barefoot skier to a power couple in MLM and grew their team from 130 directs to a massive team of over 71,000 members in only 6 months.

Why age doesn’t matter, but smashing obstacles does, and how making phone calls transform a business.

Show Notes: 00:00 – Introduction 00:56 – Eric welcomes Network Marketing Power Couple Steve and Gina Merritt. 01:35 – Steve & Gina share their background story including how they came to own a barefoot water skiing school. 09:47 – In addition to having 4 kids and running the water skiing school, Gina was also a flight attendant for Delta Airlines. 13:02 – Eric shares a story about an experience he had with Delta Airlines. 18:52 – Steve details how they were introduced to Network Marketing through their water skiing school. 27:02 – Steve explains how he learned that age doesn’t matter in Network Marketing. 35:02 – How Steve got over his resistance to talking to prospects about Network Marketing. 37:18 – Gina reveals her effective tactic of trading sex for phone calls! 45:19 – Steve emphasizes the importance of sharing the business side of Network Marketing – not just the product. 50:30 – Steve & Gina break down why Network Marketing is just better. 01:00:00 – Steve expresses the importance of systems in a Network Marketing organization. 01:04:23 – Gina shares an example of blowing through obstacles. 01:08:46 – How they turned 130 recruits into a team of 70,000 people. 01:17:08 – Steve pulls back the curtain on their recruiting system. 01:31:14 – Steve & Gina share why they continue to work so hard on their business.

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