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Is This The End Of Finmore/TranzactCard?

Is this the end of TranzactCard & Finmore?

In March 2024, several Finmore executives, former TranzactCard DBO and their field organizations, shifted their focus from continuing to promote the Finmore business model to the launch of a new company (more to come soon). This shift seems to have created a massive void in Finmore’s ability to continue the launch or re-launch the old TranzactCard model. Only time will tell if Peter Rancie has the funds to make this work. There is still the question of denying legitimate refunds and what happened to the millions of dollars they collected from everyone who bought in at $95 as a Digital Branch Owner.

Now rumors are flying that Finmore is asking the former TranzactCard DBO to pony up new money to be active. Insiders have also told me that Finmore may have less than $250,000 of cash and is seeking an equity infusion or the sale of some or all of the company’s assets.

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