Pruvit Founders Regain Control in $107 Million Buyback!

Pruvit Ketons

On June 25th, 2024, the website Behind MLM posted an article titled “Terry LaCore, Underwood & Harding sell Pruvit to themselves,” which, in fact, is what I find most misleading. Now, for the most part I find Behind MLM reliable when reporting on Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes. However, the site writers tend to take a highly biased view when writing reviews on direct sales and network marketing companies, such as Pruvit; similar to the writers at TINA (Truth In Advertising.) I understand advocating for a specific consumer group, but we should still present the facts accurately and do our best to inform the public of the truth the facts provide. In this article, I will share the history and timeline of the Pruvit story.

Intelligent Brands announces the divestiture of its nutraceuticals division

DISCLOSURE: Lacore Enterprises and Pruvit Ventures LLC were former clients of mine. Terry Lacore, Brian Underwood, and Chris Harding are longtime personal friends. I served as a personal advisor to Brian Underwood before and during the early years of Pruvit.

Pruvit Timeline:

Pruvit Ketons
Version 100
Sun Basket Meals
  • 2022 – Intelligent Foods, the parent company of Pruvit, acquires Gobble, giving them the #1 and #2 brands, based on revenues in the direct-to-consumer meal kit market with combined revenues of $1.740 billion (based on 2017 revenues.) Ooshma Garg will be named CEO of both companies with Gobble Executives Thomas Ricci, Chris Woodford, and Katerina Zaporozhetz joining her leadership team.
Gobble Meals
Jessie Lee Ward

Intelligent Brands has announced the divestiture of its nutraceuticals division, Pruvit, to the buyer group Adventures Capital. The transaction is valued at $107 million. Pruvit is a market leader in exogenous ketones, which are bioidentical, bioavailable supplements that provide many of the health benefits of endogenous ketones and support a keto-inspired lifestyle.

In the future, Intelligent Brands will concentrate exclusively on its advanced food manufacturing capabilities and operate under the name Intelligent Foods. Intelligent Foods includes top direct-to-consumer meal-kit and prepared meals brands Sunbasket and Gobble, as well as providing high-quality meal manufacturing for various direct-to-consumer, retail, and food service clients.

“We are extremely excited for Pruvit’s next chapter. Pruvit is an extraordinary brand, with a passionate set of customers focused on living their healthiest lives and an unequaled network of individual distributors globally. The buyer group, Adventures Capital, particularly given its affiliation with the LaCore family of companies, will bring the capabilities, expertise, and capital to grow Pruvit to its full potential.”

Intelligent Brands CEO Elizabeth Stephenson

“Pruvit has enormous potential to change lives. Both by helping people live healthier lifestyles and also by providing an incredible set of opportunities for our individual distributors to build profitable, growing, entrepreneur-led businesses.”

Pruvit CEO, Brian Underwood

Stephenson went on to say, “Intelligent Brands was founded to build a platform of boutique health and wellness brands. This broad scope prevented adequate investment in our brands. The creation of two standalone companies will allow each company to flourish.”

She continues, “Over the past two years, our food division has transformed into a profitable, growing, fully integrated meal kit and meal manufacturing company, with both our wholly-owned Sunbasket and Gobble brands, as well as a robust private label co-manufacturing platform. Our ability to deliver high-quality, healthy, premium meals is unmatched by any of our competitors, and our combined manufacturing capabilities set the standard for meal quality, customization, and food safety. We’re ready to strengthen our focus on growing this truly innovative food platform.”

Intelligent Brands is a holding company that focuses on the health and wellness space and owns leading consumer brands such as Sunbasket, Gobble, and previously, Pruvit. The company is headquartered in Melissa, Texas, and operates across the US. In the future, Intelligent Brands will operate under the name Intelligent Foods, with a focus on healthy food and nutrition.

Intelligent Foods was established in 2021 with a mission to produce high-quality, healthy meals and meal kits, distributed directly to consumers as well as through traditional channels such as retail and food service. Its portfolio includes brands like Sunbasket and Gobble. The company also manufactures nutritious meals and meal kits for a variety of clients. Known for its innovative culinary expertise, product innovation, and top-notch manufacturing and distribution capabilities, Intelligent Foods is based in Melissa, Texas.

Pruvit is the leading provider of exogenous ketones in the market. It offers users a bio-identical, bio-available ketone that replicates the function of endogenous ketones, which can only be produced naturally by strictly following a ketogenic diet. Pruvit supports users in making various healthy lifestyle choices. The company is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky.

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