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UPDATE: D.E.B.T.Box Did NOT Win The Court Case Against The SEC

Several companies selling crypto nodes have crypto entrepreneurs promoting that Digital Licensing Inc (D.E.B.T.Box) defeated the SEC in court after the judge ruled that the SEC had lied in its request for a temporary restraining order (TRO). THIS IS A FALSE STATEMENT!

The judge clarified that his ruling WAS NOT based on the case’s merits. Following this, two SEC attorneys resigned before being terminated. The SEC has stated that they may request the Court to dismiss the case without prejudice. This means that the SEC may bring new allegations about selling unregistered securities.

After this case gained significant attention in the crypto community, several opportunities to sell crypto nodes have emerged, claiming to be legal or that their legal teams are working closely with the SEC. However, both of these claims are false and misleading. While I don’t think that nodes represent the sale of securities, I do believe that some companies promote the sales of nodes in a way that guarantees or promises a specific rate of return, subject to strict regulation.


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