Who is Melissa Cohen: How She Went From Hunter Biden’s Wild Wife to First Family ‘Savior’

Melissa Cohen Biden, posing with some lionesses while on safari. Photo: Facebook

There’s tons of info out there about Hunter Biden, but not so much about his wife. Seeing her with him every day at the trial made me want to dig deeper. Like many parts of Hunter Biden’s life, his relationship with Melissa Cohen seems to have happened real quick.

In the spring of 2019, he was dealing with drug addiction and had recently been kicked out of his hotel in West Hollywood for smoking crack. He claims that it was at that moment when he saw his future second wife for the first time, wearing “big sunglasses on her honey-blonde hair,” and it really stood out to him.

He jotted down the South African’s phone number on his hand, and they grabbed coffee the next day. A week later, they tied the knot on the roof of Cohen’s apartment, with the owner of Instant Marriage LA officiating the ceremony.

“I fell in love with her instantly,” Biden shared in an interview with ABC News while promoting his 2021 memoir, “Beautiful Things.”

Hunter Biden

Melissa Cohen Biden, a 38-year-old environmental activist and aspiring filmmaker, was by Hunter’s side every day during his trial. He was found guilty on three federal charges for lying about his drug use to buy a gun from a Delaware firearm shop in 2018. He could potentially face up to 25 years in prison, but some legal experts think he might not end up being jailed.

A wedding photo of Hunter Biden and Melissa Cohen Biden, taken in May 2019. Photo: Melissa Biden Cohen via ABC News

Melissa Cohen Biden was actually born in Johannesburg and spent the first year of her life in an orphanage before being adopted by Zoe and Lee Cohen, who are a Jewish couple. After studying at the Greenside Design Center College of Design in Randburg, she moved to Los Angeles when she was 21.

She spent a few years with Greenpeace before diving into a documentary called Tribal Worlds. It’s a series that explores the history, present, and future of humanity through the stories of African tribal communities.

Melissa Cohen Biden, posing with some lionesses while on safari. Photo: Facebook

Some friends noticed that Hunter and Melissa were both looking for love in all the wrong places. Hunter was impulsive but caring and dedicated, and Melissa was level-headed but also a lot of fun.Hunter was quick to reveal the depths of his addiction, snorting lines of cocaine for breakfast and indulging in heavier drugs by lunch. “You’re finished with that,” she told him, promising to help him get clean.

Hunter was quick to reveal the depths of his addiction, snorting lines of cocaine for breakfast and indulging in heavier drugs by lunch. “You’re finished with that,” she told him, promising to help him get clean.

Hunter mentioned in his book that Cohen Biden grabbed his phone, computer, and car keys. She also deleted all the contacts that didn’t end with “Biden” and changed the password on his laptop. Hunter added that he couldn’t even go to the bathroom without her following him inside.

In just a few months, Cohen Biden, who is 16 years younger than Hunter, got pregnant. They had a son named Beau, who is now three, born just before their first wedding anniversary. They named the child in honor of Hunter’s older brother, who passed away from brain cancer in 2015.

Cohen Biden was quickly welcomed into the family. POTUS Biden, Hunter’s dad, was happy that his son had found love again and told him, “I knew that when you found love again I’d get you back.” Hunter mentioned that his dad called Cohen his rock.

Throughout the two-week trial, she had to deal with the shady parts of her husband’s past. The prosecutors spilled the beans on some pretty wild stuff, like his messed-up relationship with his brother’s widow, hooking up with escorts, and getting mixed up in drug deals.

Actually, the trial in Delaware isn’t the only legal trouble Cohen Biden has faced. Before they met, Hunter’s former lover, Lunden Roberts, had a daughter. Hunter initially denied being the father until a paternity test proved otherwise. Last year, he unsuccessfully fought Roberts in a child support case in Arkansas.

Legal experts said that having Cohen Biden’s support would have been a big deal for the jury, but it wouldn’t have been enough. This does give some idea of whether Cohen Biden will keep supporting her husband if the judge in Delaware gives him a long prison sentence.

“This is his wife, a jury expert who has consulted on 500 trials. He’s having his dirty laundry being exposed, and she’s still there, she’s not running away from him.”

Lee Meihls

“is wife sitting there, standing by him despite all the things the jury is hearing that he did”.

Julie Blackman, Trial Strategy Consultant & Social Psychologist

After getting the guilty verdict on Tuesday, Cohen Biden left the courtroom holding Hunter’s hand, with Jill Biden by his other side.

Under their suits, they both had the word “shalom” tattooed in Hebrew, which means peace. It was a symbol of their strong bond.

I did find out that before she met Hunter, Cohen Biden had a hard time getting American citizenship and trying to raise funds for Tribal Worlds. After she joined the Biden Clan her life changed. The family claims she’s a really important part of America’s first family.

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