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Direct Sellers Association of Canada Unveils New Brand Celebrating the Independent Spirit of Direct Selling

The Direct Sellers Association of Canada (DSA Canada) recently unveiled its new brand identity, reflecting the organization’s trust, authority, and modern, entrepreneurial industry. Notable members of DSA Canada include popular retail brands such as Avon, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Arbonne, Cutco, and USANA.

DSA Canada recently unveiled its new logo, “Independent Spirit.” The logo’s design aims to embody the spirit of empowerment through its simple and dynamic silhouette. It strongly reflects the Association’s fundamental principles of advocacy and ethical business practices, projecting a supportive, confident, and energetic personality.

Vivid shades of blue represent trust, stability, and professionalism. This color scheme positions DSA Canada as a modern and youthful company in the direct selling industry.

Our new logo represents our commitment to ethical business standards and fostering entrepreneurship in our community,” said Peter Maddox.

Peter Massox – President of DSA Canada

DSA Canada is a group of more than 60 companies that create an annual economic impact of over $8.7 billion in Canada. They support approximately 1.1 million independent sales consultants, primarily women (84%). These entrepreneurs help boost commerce and contribute significantly to Canada’s tax revenue, with over $1.4 billion annually.

The direct selling industry, comprised of DSA Canada members and independent sales consultants, plays a vital role in Canada’s economy.

DSA Canada has recently launched a new logo and an improved version of its website. The website, now accessible at DSA.ca, aims to showcase the accomplishments and potential of its member firms by sharing interesting stories. Maddox, a spokesperson for the organization, has stated that the website aims to motivate and help Canadians who aspire to become independent sales consultants. The ultimate goal of the website is to encourage people to “Make Your Next Move.”

DSA Canada has announced a new media and public relations campaign to raise awareness about its new brand, logo, and website. The initiative is intended to reinforce the reputation of DSA Canada and its members as industry leaders, making it easier for consumers to identify and trust businesses associated with the organization. The ultimate goal is to provide consumers with reliable and trustworthy businesses to partner with or purchase products from.

DSA Canada membership is granted to companies that are satisfactorily undergoing a full audit process. By applying to join the Association, a company proactively demonstrates its commitment to higher business standards and agrees to abide by DSA Canada’s Codes of Ethics and Business Practices. Visit DSA.ca for more information about DSA Canada and the new brand identity.

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Tanisha Dunkley
Manager, Communications and Research
Direct Sellers Association of Canada
Phone: (416) 679-8555
Email: tanisha@dsa.ca  

About the Direct Sellers Association of Canada (DSA Canada)

DSA Canada has been the established voice of our industry since 1954, upholding rigorous standards, ethical values, and good business practices. We are a community of competitors, using our collective strength to promote fairness in regulations and earn the trust and respect of Canadians.

We are an industry that provides entrepreneurial opportunities and enrichment to 1.1 million Canadians. We ensure member company integrity and establish trust for independent sales consultants (ISCs) and consumers. At DSA Canada, we are dedicated to serving the direct selling industry in Canada. We work on behalf of our members to address important issues, offer support to member companies and their ISCs, educate the public on the benefits of direct selling, and enforce high standards of ethics and business practices to ensure consumer protection.


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