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Troy Hiltbrand SVP of Digital Product Management and Analytics at Partner.Co


Partner.Co has appointed Troy Hiltbrand as the Senior Vice President of Digital Product Management and Analytics. With over 20 years of experience, he has led technology and analytics teams in the direct selling industry.

A Utah State University and Idaho State University graduate with an MBA, Troy has 20 years of experience managing technology and analytics teams, primarily in the direct selling industry.

Troy, a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), has joined Partner.Co. In his new role, he will create a pricing and promotion playbook to ensure outstanding performance in all our global markets. Before joining Partner.Co, Troy was responsible for designing his previous employer’s global pricing and promotion strategies.

Troy loves learning languages. He can speak English and Portuguese fluently. He has advanced skills in Spanish, can work in German and Italian, and is a beginner in Swedish and Tagalog. Although he has always been interested in languages, his passion grew even more while working with development teams in Colombia and Brazil. He recently completed 1,600 consecutive days of using the Duolingo language app and aims to continue for five years, equivalent to 1,826 days.

Partner.Co’s IT and Marketing teams will collaborate with Troy to develop top-notch digital tools for customers and Brand Partners.

Troy is a proud father of three children attending college at The University of Utah, Utah State University, and Utah Valley University. His youngest child will be starting college at Utah Valley University this fall. In his free time, Troy enjoys learning languages and writing. Additionally, he works as an adjunct professor of data warehousing at BYU Idaho.

Troy Hiltbrand - Partner.Co

“Data drives everything we do,” said Matt Linford, Partner.Co Chief Operating Officer. “We’re excited to have Troy on board with us to interpret the available data, giving us key insights to help us grow our business and increase the effectiveness of the tools and experiences we roll out for our Brand Partners worldwide.”

Matt Linford, Chief Operating Officer

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